Bhavishyavani Future Soundz and Magnanimous bring you the second edition of Eden artfest, their flagship Live
Music and Arts Festival
EDEN, a new vision for Mumbai as a cultural playground, an urban utopia, a 21st-century pleasure garden. More than just creating the perfect festival, we’re transforming Mumbai into an urban space that celebrates the dynamic community of thinkers and creators, makers and doers that keeps the city vibrant.
Our aim, above all, is to ensure that people go home feeling happier, reenergized. Festivals should be an alternative vision of society, where interacting isn’t a hassle, it’s a pleasure.
Our purpose is to encourage complete creative participation. Eden is a canvas. We want to see a cross-section of Mumbai’s diverse groups leave their different marks on it. And in the end, we want a picture that represents our Mumbai: a hotbed of cultural foment populated by people as cool, crazy and beautiful as the city itself.
When the party ends, Eden will keep growing – as an online magazine, a music label, and a social community.
Don’t get tossed out of paradise before the party’s even started. Buy your tickets here & now.
To know more, visit us on facebook, or email us at: contact@eden-festival. com